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A podcast fostering connectedness with Self & others while providing tools to intentionally acknowledge, understand & evolve. Celebrating what is working, sharing & highlighting successes, tools, & techniques that aid groups & individuals in developing, maintaining & thriving in their unique purpose. 

Meet Our Team

Mariel Nichole Anderson

Producer & Host

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Mariel’s life motto is to see the light in this world, the good, the love, the energy, and to be a light in the world. She lives by three rules, Respect yourself, Respect each other, Respect your environment. Ok four rules, BE KIND (She has that one tattooed on her knuckles!)


Achieving her B.A. Counseling & Caregiving in 2012 she spent some time working with kids and at-risk youth in the mental health field. While she held mental health and youth at the highest importance, she wasn’t feeling fulfilled.


Starting and running her own event production company in Vancouver for 6 years, Mariel produced fundraising events that donated to community based organizations and programs that worked in the mental health field. Her last event was 3 days before the world shut down due to the pandemic.


Taking the forced time off to connect to herself and look at the bigger picture of what had become her passion (uniting communities in order to bring awareness and support to mental health), Mariel decided it was time to take on a new project, one in which would allow her to create the largest amount of intentional impact in Canada’s mental health.


Thus F.A.E., the nonprofit, was born.


You can find Mariel leading her team in producing large scale fundraisers, building programs that support growth and mental health, creating a united community in order to impact Canadian mental health STATS, and of course.... hosting ‘Probably Important’ making resources and tools for a healthier mindset, emotional and mental state accessible to all.

Josh Toes

Over the last twenty years, Josh has been exploring wellness in different ways. What started out as an attempt to understand suffering has evolved into a path of becoming present. To simplify, his lens overall could be “what is keeping us from- what best brings us to- and what allows us to enjoy the present moment”


Josh’s personal exploration led him to his formal training and education. During his ten year career as a flight attendant Josh worked and shared experiences with a substantial range of people globally. Five of those years, he held a role in the ‘cabin crew recovery team’ where he worked with the effects of trauma and addiction that employees were experiencing.


He achieved a certificate from Finding Freedom and the RE-ACT program, focusing on addiction and complex trauma.


Josh is also now a proud graduate of Rhodes Wellness College where he received his Professional Counsellor Diploma.


Launching his private practice Steady Wellness with the desire to meet the need for support, kindness and healing that is essential for All people - from All communities .Josh's Education:-Mental Health-Physical Wellness/ Somatic Therapy-(T)trauma/CPTSD-Addiction-Treatment Planning-Clinical Structure and Group Facilitation

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Photo Credit: UFV Athletics

Kyle Donen - Editor

Kyle is a dynamic professional whose journey blends athleticism and creativity. He began his post-secondary adventure by pursuing his passion for volleyball, but he emerged with a Media Arts Bachelor's degree, ready to make waves in the media world.

With a solid background in TV & Radio and an unbridled enthusiasm for podcasts, Kyle joined the "Probably Important" team as the third 'musketeer.'

He contributes not only his technical expertise in production and editing but also a heart for service and a deep passion for mental health advocacy.

Kyle's unique blend of skills and his compassionate approach make him a valuable asset to the team and a powerful voice in the media landscape.

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